The Africa Trek practices discipleship on the move. The Trek travels through Africa for 3 months at a time.  As an Africa Trek leader, you have the privilege of journeying on a number of Treks for approximately six months per year, serving missionaries and churches, while discipling Trek participants.

Africa Trek leaders are required to have participated in an Africa Trek themselves and must be willing to live in community 24/7 for 3 months at a time, modeling total transparency themselves.


Africa Trek leaders are:

  • Passionate about discipleship and live this out in their daily lives
  • Flexible and comfortable to live basically in the ‘bush’
  • Competent in basic administrative skills
  • Comfortable with driving larger vehicles in Africa
  • Expected to serve with a secondary ministry within OM between Treks
Start date
As soon as possible
1-2 Years
Full Time
Mentoring and Discipleship

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