Are you ready to make a difference with the skills God has given you in finance?

We are looking for someone to join our Africa Area Finance team.

You will provide support to field finance staff and team leadership to enable them to produce accurate and useful financial reports which leads to better decision making.

The long term goal is to provide training and resources so that local staff can be self-sufficient.


It is an unpaid, voluntary position.  This can be a full time or part time role.  We are looking for someone to commit a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a week.

The size and needs of our fields vary enormously. There are quite a few fields where 4 to 5 hours per week would be adequate on an ongoing basis. Our Africa Area Finance team currently serves 16 fields in 12 countries in Africa and is expanding.
It would involve more time in reviewing existing structures, fixing past errors and helping out more at some busy times of the year.
It would be ideal if the person is able to visit the field for at least several days to meet the staff and understand the local situation early on in accepting the role. An annual visit would no doubt be helpful and a blessing to both parties but not essential.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
As long as possible
Full or part time
Part Time
Business, Finance, Administration

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