Ongoing conversations

For teens Grace and Sophia, sharing Christ's love with those who don't know Him is what they are used to.

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A family who said 'yes' to God

Four years ago, the Bullock family left the familiarity and security of life in the UK to serve God cross-culturally in Zambia. OM writer Ivy Chiu spoke to Dan and Ruth about why they took such a bold step, and what life is now like for their young family.

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Zambia and Lake Tanganyika

Zambia is a landlocked country that is exceptionally peaceful, considering that it is surrounded by countries which have experienced major political struggles. Zambia has been declared an official Christian nation with 87 percent of its people proclaiming to be Christian. However, the number of immigrants from the Middle East and Asia has increased in recent years, and more people now proclaim themselves to be either Muslim or Hindu. When the OM Zambia leaders saw the spiritual desolation and the inroads other religious groups were making around Lake Tanganyika, the first OM team was sent to the area in 2005, establishing their base in the harbour town of Mpulungu. The team was called the ‘Good News II’, after the vision of Dr. David Livingstone.

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'Align our path'

Jacob and Rachel pray for the Lord to lead them to encounter people He is working in.

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Mobilising children for missions

“Before MDT I had all my ideas of ‘this is what my missions life is going to look like,’” laughed Lina. Soon she realised that what she had envisioned was not in God’s immediate plan for her.

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Wissen und Freude durch Bücher

Freetown, Sierra Leone :: Logos Hope-Mitarbeiter richten eine Bibliothek in einer Schule ein, die sich seit vielen Jahren eine wünscht.

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Finding God in the desert

“In November 2019, I was deported from Zambia—my home for the past few years—because of visa issues,” shares Ivy. “I had to pack my bags in seven days and journey into the unknown. Then, the pandemic happened. I just had so many layers of unknown that the only thing I knew was that I didn’t know. Didn’t know when to go, when to return, where to stay, what to do, how to get visas…God sent me into exile.”

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A roof for the training base in South-Africa

To accommodate future Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) students, OM's training base in South Africa needs a new roof.

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Support services for North Africa

To keep the ministry of OM in North Africa going, the team is in need of regular financial support.

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Passion for the ‘now generation’

Marleen and her team are training children's workers to reach children with the gospel through Holiday Reading Clubs, games, prayer and discipleship.

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