1. Training coordinator

    Experienced God in daily life and working with those people who want to be involve into missions.

    Coaching and mentoring in missions.

    Equip them with biblical principles and lead them to use their full potential which God has given to them.

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  2. Training Leaders

    We have an exciting goal of seeing 500 Zimbabwean missionaries equipped and sent out.

    We need training leaders to help OM Zimbabwe! 

    We started a Mission and Discipleship Training early in 2014 to equip Zimbabweans being called and sent by God.  Come and help us!

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  3. Teaching and Training Facilitator

    Does teaching the Bible and training others to lead the Body of Christ interest you?  Do you have a passion for empowering others to use their God-given gifts for the benefit of the fellowship of believers?

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  4. Chile Intensive Mission Training - Student

    The 9-months OM Chile Intensive Mission Training (IMT) programme is for people who want to prepare for missions.  In the process they will also get to know God better and understand themselves more clearly. The programme provides a great balance between classroom teaching and real-world training in a practical mission work. The next IMT is from February 1st until November 1st 2017.

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  5. Coordinator Training

    Lead and support to facilitate the trainings, and help to develop and coordinate the different training programs. Supporting and mentoring people whom are leading and organizing the different trainings to build up the Chilean chuch and other participants of the trainings, in order to help churches grow in their mission and evangelism vision in Chile, but also worldwide.

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  6. Missions and youth evangelism training: One or two years Program

    Training in youth evangelism and missions. OM works with a church in Gavà that is actively involved in youth evangelism, reaching young people through an English club, friendship evangelism, music, sports, power evangelism, etc. Participants will receive training and will help the youth group in their evangelistic efforts. They will also receive teaching about missions and learn about the needs of other countries and/or ethnic groups in Europe.

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  7. Child resource development and training: Team Member

    Connect with fields and churches in (Southern) Africa to promote the Holiday Reading Club Curriculum, give training and support them in running a Holiday Reading Club. You also assist in brainstorming and developing new (educational) resources.

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  8. Director of Training (CTM)

    OM Brazil is committed to providing excellent training programs to equip and prepare hundreds of believers to go and make disciples where Jesus is not known. Our training department (CTM) needs a new director to lead the current training activities, to develop new missions training programs, and expand the language school scope.

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  9. 'Building Bridges' Training Team - OM Austria

    Do you want to find out what God can do in and through your life? Do you want to impact the lives of immigrants in the region of Linz? Do you have a passion to share God’s love through various ministry opportunities?

    We will train and equip you to love and serve people from other faiths. You will participate in various projects and in an emerging intercultural network with aims to serve and reach immigrants and refugees, especially those with Muslim background.

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  10. Training Programme Team Leader

    We are looking for an individual or a married couple to lead a group of people on OM’s short term training programme.

    We would give the person opportunity to receive training and orientation before taking on the responsibility of the team. This would include getting to know the  current OM Hungary team, as well as cultural and language adaptation.

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