1. R59671

    Giving God all of the cupboard

    ... The love of Jesus was modelled to her in her home all through her childhood in Brazil. Yet, it wasn’t until her teenage years that Esther Amorim truly came to understand the commitment that a relationship with Jesus requires. Now, as a 56-year-old with her ... Read more
  2. R55030

    Road-tripping through Portugal

    ... Nicole James, a writer for OM International, visited three Transform 2017 outreach teams in Portugal following the July conference in Tarragona, Spain. The first question I had as my husband and I sped away from the car rental office at the Porto airport ... Read more
  3. R54740

    1 million seeking answers

    ... Givas Jose, OM Portugal Field Leader, helped coordinate the first OM outreach to Fatima, Portugal. In May, Givas took part in the outreach, where he was involved in reaching out to the religious pilgrims. He shares his experience and some of the outcomes ... Read more
  4. R51482

    Transform 2016: Surfing and dancing in Portugal

    ... Following the opening conference of Transform, OM's summer outreach to the Mediterranean, two teams moved on to Portugal. The surf outreach took place in the city of Porto and the Dancelink team went to Evora. The surfers The full schedule included a ... Read more
  5. Portugal

    ... EuropePortugalMinistry opportunities in Portugal Portugal is a Catholic country with low income and high unemployment. Even though the country being strongly Catholic, only approximately 19% of Portuguese are active enough to go to masses. People mix their ... Read more
  6. Planting churches through sports

    ... Sports creatively and actively open doors to people otherwise unreached. Enjoyed by young and old, men and women, player and spectator, sport is a language spoken by billions around the world.  Whether through cheering on a favourite team or battling it ... Read more
  7. R59310


    ... The Transform outreaches 2018 included several teams in Spain, Portugal and France. Thousands of seeds were sown through distributing the Gospel of Luke in the surrounding St. Fleur area of Central France. Other seeds were sown individually through ... Read more
  8. R57507

    From dream to reality

    ... “It was a long, green boat, sailing gently along the river,” recalled 18-year-old Ana Barros (Portugal), as she described her dream to her mum, before ever seeing a picture of OM's Riverboat. Ana had that dream the same night she received an email ... Read more
  9. R59329

    Transform 2018 - VIBRANT

    ... “The massive world map decorating the main hall, helped me realise how big God is,” reflected a Spanish pastor at the pastors’ meeting at the OM Transform conference in Tarragona, Spain. July 2018 marked the second time Transform was held in this area ... Read more
  10. Oman

    ... Middle EastOmanThe oldest independent state in the Arab world Oman The oldest independent state in the Arab world, Oman is one of the more traditional countries in the Gulf region and was, until the 1970s, one of the most isolated. Occupying the south-east ... Read more