Short term mission trips

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Zeal for Jezreel

The Jezreel Valley is among the most fertile and beautiful valleys in Israel. There have been countless battles on this small piece of the planet’s real estate. Many of these battles are recorded in the Old Testament with one final end time army yet be gathered for battle in this valley called in the book of Revelation the Valley of Armageddon. Today out of a population of over 300,000 people, there is only one small church of less than 20 people to represent Jesus. We seek to change that. The population is a mix of Jews and Muslim Arabs.

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St. Patrick's Challenge 2018

We want to use the context of St. Patrick's Day to remind the people in Ireland of the message that St. Patrick brought to the country long ago and its relevance today. There will be an emphasis on personal evangelism and church partnership during this outreach.

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Spring Forward Turkey: March 2018

After Orientation in Istanbul, the group will travel to a province with a small Turkish church. Using the various talents of the team, they will make the church known in the city. Possible actives include inviting people to and hosting an English conversation club, a cultural night, or visitor days to promote the church. The team will also follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they join the existing work of God by meeting strangers, listening to their stories, and sharing the Gospel of Salvation with those who have never heard. 

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GO EXTRA MILE 2018 (GEM 2018)

GO EXTRA MILE is a 17 day intensive missionary training and exposure program which is composed of two parts;
a. Equipping each participant with knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to be an effective servant of the Lord.
b. Hands on missions’ exposure among tribal groups.

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Bringing Hope to Fatima May 2018

With Portugal’s strong ties to Roman Catholicism, the 101 year anniversary of the reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima will be a huge event in the country. During the week there will be hundreds of thousands of devout Catholics arriving to offer prayers and worship to Mary. These people are lost and need to hear about the saving power of Jesus! Will you come and share the hope you have in Portugal?

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Africa Trek May 2018

Participants (‘Trekkies’) will travel for 3 months through Southern Africa, staying with various local missionaries, serving them the best way possible. We will travel by car, bus or train, and will stay in very basic accommodation (often in tents) and eat the local food.

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M.O.T.M. Media on the Move (formerly known as the Media Trek)

Over the course of two-and-a-half months participants travel throughout southern Africa capturing what God is doing on this continent through video.

Activities include filming, interviewing, photographing, living life alongside the locals, editing, and traveling.

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Riemvasmaak Prayer Outreach

To be exposed to the joys and challenges of the local ministry. Support them in prayer for the community.

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Love Moldova A: Construction Outreach

You will be working as part of a cross-cultural team in partnership with local village churches, serving within the community by utilizing your hands through practical work. The specific needs are dependent on each church in the village.

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