Seeing the love of God in Kingston

written by OM International

A Logos Hope team has partnered with Joy Town, a local project that has been supporting the low-income community of Trench Town in Kingston for many years. Crowds of children aged from five to 18 gathered in a community centre to have their eyes tested for both reading and long-distance spectacles.

Although health care in Jamaica is free, the waiting lists for non-urgent appointments can be extensive.

For crewmember Mica Diflorio (Argentina), it was her first experience of testing people's eyesight. She says, “I was surprised by how many children really needed glasses. I enjoyed being able to spend time with the kids whilst also give them something practical that will really help them in their everyday lives. I was touched by their humility and how thankful they were.”

As well as offering sight tests and giving out of glasses, the team kept the waiting children entertained with games and a presentation on what daily life looks like on board Logos Hope. Crewmembers also shared God’s love through song.

The day was significant for Jasmine Loke (Singapore), as it allowed her to build relationships with children in the area. She says, “We got to spend quality time with the children waiting in line. Seeing how interested they were about the ship and how they engaged with what we were sharing about Jesus really touched my heart.”

Mica added, “The day was impactful because we were not only there to meet a practical need, but also to share a message of God’s love for them. It’s the combination of the two that really makes a difference.”

Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica :: A crewmember tests people for reading glasses.