Support services for North Africa

written by OM International

Peter from Zambia had been working with OM in North Africa for over 15 years. During that time, he learnt Arabic and French – and now speaks a total of nine languages. His language ability enabled him to make friends with local people. Peter’s open and friendly attitude gave him opportunities to start a women’s project, give English lessons, organise sports and make relationships – all from the central point of the OM premises. To keep this work going, the OM team needs regular financial support.

“Soccer in Africa is a big thing, especially in this region,” said Peter. “The game is almost worshipped. Many young people dream of becoming one of those celebrities that they see on football sports channels. So, with a soccer ball, it is easy to gather youth within a short time even if they don't know you; and begin sharing biblical stories and the love of Christ.”

Peter and fellow team-mates have also been able to offer English lessons: “Everyone wants to learn English and then go to the United States. So English is quite popular — which is why it is one of the tools we use to make friendships with the people.”

Although Peter has now left the country, a small OM team remains, dedicated to building friendships with local people and helping them come to know the God they love. The office premises are the central point where the team meet, host projects, and carry out the necessary administration that keeps the team working. “If we could receive regular support to pay for the premises, that would be a huge relief to the team,” said one team worker. “It would enable us to carry on our ministries; and tell other believers what God is doing here regularly, instead of having to stop-start activities in order to make money to pay bills.”          

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