Impact People of Other Faiths

Sharing with Seekers

We Want everyone to experience the love of God.

People all over the world are searching for answers, purpose and happiness in a multitude of places. Some turn to other faiths but still feel they're missing something.

Do you feel called to reach out to those who are searching for truth in other religions? You can make a difference by simply living out the love of Jesus to those around you and being ready to share with others why you have hope.

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They will know you by your love


Inviting Muslims Home

Nostos is a family of ministries that serves the Muslim diaspora around the world. We believe that people will only find a true home when they know Jesus, but there are thousands of unreached Muslims who have never heard of His love. We need people like you to live out God’s love among Muslim people.


Pray Light and Love

As followers of Christ, we take Jesus’ strong exhortation to “love God and love neighbor" very seriously.

People of other faiths are our neighbors, and one way we love them is by praying blessings on them, their families, and communities and the cities they live in around the world.

Will you join us?


Explore these opportunities to impact people of other faiths with one of our teams around the world.

"...As it is written: 'How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!'”

ROMANS 10:15 (NIV)