Stefan with a van purchased for him and the team.
“It is worth it to lose everything, to be able to find Jesus," says Alla, a Ukrainian woman who recently came to faith. Though her family has lost much since the war began, she sees God at work in their lives.
Chaplains sharing with people as they wait to receive their aid package at a distribution center. Photo by Alex Coleman.
Since the war in Ukraine started in February 2022, the city of Rivne has seen an influx of displaced people in desperate need of aid. OM teams have seen God at work through the hard times.
Stefan with a van purchased for him and the team.
Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In the storm of trials, Stefan, an OM worker, constantly sees God’s provision so he can serve others.
Ukrainians continue to flee war. Over 2.5 million have crossed over into Poland and have left behind fathers, brothers and a country full of uncertainty. OM workers and volunteers continue to serve directly on the border, welcoming those arriving, especia
“I realised God was not calling me to serve the country of Ukraine but the Ukrainian people!” said Roberto Ramirez after leaving Ukraine due to the rising conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
Wayne Zschech, field leader in Ukraine, shares about his pioneering sustainable projects, and how churches are growing in the east of the country.