Full tanks from full hearts

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope receives a generous donation of fuel for her next voyage - from partners in the Faroe Islands.

Logos Hope has arrived in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao for necessary survey work to be carried out on the vessel. Usually scheduled for during the annual maintenance period in a dry dock, these inspections for the renewal of passenger ship certification were postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, an underwater survey can be carried out by specialist divers instead of taking the vessel out of the water; after which an onward schedule may be confirmed.

Before departing from Jamaica, the ship was resupplied with fuel: a generous donation from a unique fund thousands of miles away in the Faroe Islands. The islands maintain a strong bond with Logos Hope; with many of the 50,000 inhabitants having used the vessel decades ago, when she operated as a car ferry between the Faroes, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

In recent years, inspired by how this familiar ship is now being used, fundraising among the seafaring community in the Faroe Islands has benefitted the work of Logos Hope. As well as frequent donations of fish to feed the volunteers on board, money has been received for fuel to keep the ship operating.

Myles Toews (Canada), who serves as the organisation’s Vice President of Financial Development, says, “This has grown into a beautiful campaign that the Faroese people really enjoy participating in. They put together an annual ‘Logos Hope week’ where there are special meetings and events with sponsors.

“There are daily broadcasts on a Christian radio station featuring interviews to hear about what we do. Various companies purchase fuel as their donation, and each year more has been raised than before,” Myles explains. “We can truly see that they are delighted to be part of the ministry.”

Three hundred and sixty-five tons of fuel was pumped on board Logos Hope in Kingston. Captain James Berry (UK) says, “Our operating costs are significant and this is a tremendous blessing to receive the fuel we need to keep the ship running.”

In his capacity as director, Randy Grebe (USA) has had the honour of accepting gifts from different nations, on behalf of the Ship Ministry. “We have been given local produce, culturally-symbolic ornaments and works of art. Each of these kind offerings is unique, important and much appreciated,” says Randy. “The gift of fuel encompasses our whole organisation – it literally fuels our goal of sharing knowledge, help and hope with people all over the world. It is a gift that truly makes a difference.”

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