REACH leaders with 2022 participants at the REACH base in Ghana.

'God, what do you want me to do next?'

Though Massah's start in life was not easy, she is now filled with joy and determined to reach the least reached.

REACH: Sahel in Ghana exists to inspire, disciple and equip participants to share the love of Christ with those who do now know Him yet. REACH walks with participants in their personal relationship with Christ, exposes them to cross-culturally work and equips them to work among the least reached –– especially throughout the Sahel. Massah completed REACH: Sahel in 2023 and shares her testimony. 

My name is Massah. I was born and raised in Sierra Leone and am originally from the eastern part of the country.

I was born during the civil war in Sierra Leone. My mother died during my birth, and my dad passed away in 2001. After the death of my parents, I went to live with my half-sister. Because of my poor health at the time, I was taken to a Christian organisation called Children of the Nations in the capital. God used this organisation to put a smile on my face by giving me a new home, caregivers whom I called my parents and new brothers and sisters. I acquired my primary, junior and senior secondary school education through the organisation. Children of the Nations also introduced me to God, but I was not saved, as growing up in a Christian home does not mean that I had a personal relationship with Christ.

At one Easter break, a message from Isaiah 53:5-7 was preached, and we watched The Passion of Christ. Through that message and the movie, I personally encountered Christ. Through deep contemplation, I understood what Christ did for me on the cross. When encountering Christ, my immediate experience was that I had an unspeakable joy which has never been taken away from me since. I was also free from sicknesses. God helped me develop a love for young children, and I started teaching Sunday School to some of my younger brothers and sisters in the organisation.

When I finished secondary school in 2015, I did not have the required grades to attend university. Instead, I went to theological college for two years and graduated with a diploma in Community Development studies in 2017. I redid my exams and volunteered at Children of the Nations as a social worker for six months while waiting for my results. I passed and went to African Bible College University in Liberia, where I studied Mass Communication. My OM journey started with a team from Logos Hope visited my university in Liberia.

Based on the ship's crew members' dedicated service towards the university, I had the desire to one day serve on the ship after graduation –– I was a senior at the time. When the team left, one of the team members sent me a beautiful journal and a short note that said: “Dear Massah, I hope to see you someday doing missions work together. It’s really worth it though it’s not easy and sometimes hard. And God does equip and enable us even when we feel unable.” Upon my graduation, I had a lot of questions running through my mind, and I prayed, “God, what do you want me to do next? What is the next chapter of my life?”

I went home to Sierra Leone and applied for jobs but was put on hold. God does not always give us what we want, but He has a plan. I heard about OM’s REACH training through a former participant. The journey of getting to Ghana took millions of miracles from God that I don't all understand, but to God be all the praise. Thank God I am here today for this training.

Why did you join REACH?

The gospel being preached around the world is the only thing left for the coming of Christ, as stated in the book of Matthew 24:14. Therefore, I have the desire for missions and that God will help me serve Him with any skill I have to reach the lost souls.

What are your expectations after the training?

Going through the REACH training, I pray and expect that God will help me to be spiritually, academically, socially and culturally moulded for the work of God’s Kingdom in reaching the least reached.

REACH is a five to six-month missions experience. During this time, participants are trained and mentored while immersed in cross-cultural community and ministry. Each training programme has its own unique flavour, style, and focus and is unmistakably grounded in essential biblical values.

Join Jesus followers from other nations and backgrounds in a diverse international team at one of the many different REACH opportunities that are offered around the world. To find out more, visit

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