Freeport, The Bahamas :: Rosa Maria (Guatemala) and a volunteer share foods during food distribution

Freeport, Bahamas :: Logos Hope supports a local feeding programme.

Logos Hope’s crewmembers have partnered with Lucaya Presbyterian Church, which has been supporting families in need through a feeding programme called Crossreach Ministries for more than 30 years. With many islanders still feeling the effects of 2019’s Hurricane Dorian and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food distribution project has become more necessary. What began as giving 50 families one meal each week is now helping around 85 families with a monthly bag of groceries.

When someone donated a container for storage and another supporter gave a gift of paint, Logos Hope’s volunteers sprang into action to paint the 40-foot-long container. Within two days, they had built shelves inside for storage, so the church is better able to meet the needs of the people they feed each month.

Lena Chandler, who is responsible for coordinating the programme, says, “We are so incredibly grateful for the help of the Logos Hope crewmembers and for their friendship. We admire their dedication to the Lord’s work.” Church member Natalie Pierson says, “We are really thankful to Logos Hope for her ministry here. For spreading the love of Jesus on this island and ministering to the people. For encouraging the Bahamians and for helping to lift us up.”

Jun Han (South Korea) was part of the painting team. He says, “It is great to see that none of us has to do everything on their own, but that we can all do our part and bring our potential, our time and effort. It showed me that we are all part of one body. We all have the same goal: We want to share Jesus’ love with others. Sometimes this means painting a container.”

When it was time to deliver the canned food, fresh fruit and vegetables to the families, the crewmembers joined the church members who loaded their cars and visited people in need, from the west end of the island all the way to the very east. The crew contributed hygiene items, children’s books and postcards with encouraging notes written to the recipients of the groceries.

Luiza Vieira (Brazil) says, “I had the opportunity to visit different families and to deliver food and hygiene packs, and for me that was really special as it was a time in which I could really see God using us in this ministry for His glory.”

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