Making Ceuta an even more beautiful place

To show the people of Ceuta that the crewmembers genuinely care about God’s creation and in particular the city they visited, crewmembers collected trash and litter from a beach alongside the team from the ‘Ceuta sin Plastico’ organisation.

The idea for this organisation came to founder Cristian Leon when he walked his dog at the beach realising that there was a lot of plastic around. He collected it and shared everything on social media to make other citizens of Ceuta more environmentally conscious. People soon wanted to join him in his goal to make the city a cleaner place and so, since its beginning three years ago, around 1,500 volunteers of the organisation have collected more than 12 tonnes of trash.

Vanessa Peñarrubia Gil explained, “We are all working and so we take some time [for the beach clean-ups] from our free time. We want to see the beach and all the natural places clean because we think that is really sad that humans are taking no responsibility for their rubbish. We try to make our world a better place.

“Today we were very lucky because people from the ship went with us and we got around 100 kg of rubbish! We had a lovely time together while collecting the rubbish and we also had an amazing time talking to [the crewmembers]. We loved it! Thank you very much!”

One crewmember who joined the group of 25, both national and international volunteers, said, “My highlight was being so warmly welcomed by the team and so encouraged by their initiative of using their free time to do this impactful activity.

“I talked about my life and what I do on board with a young lady who loves to engage in meaningful volunteer jobs such as these. At the end of the day, she came on board with us and we gave her a mini tour and shared a bit more of the work we do with Logos Hope. It was a brilliant day! I loved it!”

Crewmembers collected trash also in other places around the city to show appreciation to the citizens and their town which they enjoyed so much.


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