OM Global Day of Prayer

Kingston, Jamaica :: Logos Hope hosts OM's global day of prayer through livestreams from on board and on shore.

OM teams around the world joined together virtually to have an OM Global Day of Prayer under the theme ‘People from the whole world praying for the whole world’. Logos Hope was the host of the prayer day and crewmembers and OM personnel onshore gathered together for 12 hours to worship and pray together.

The day of prayer focused on the four regions of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas and saw crewmembers from these regions sharing background information and prayer requests for the various nations. The audience was blessed by musical talent onboard and life testimonies of crew.

Seelan Govender (South Africa), CEO of OM’s Ship Ministry, streaming live from Mosbach Germany, began the programme with a short message from Numbers 6 and encouraged participants, saying, “ We have the assurance that the Lord hears us, He is with us and He delights to answer when we call on Him. There is power in prayer. Maybe in our current reality it’s difficult to see the blessings of God and we mistakenly say that God hasn’t blessed us because we are looking for the blessing of freedom of movement. But looking at scripture, we can see that He hasn’t abandoned us. Not only that, but the Lord keeps us and that is comforting during this time.”

Crew shared requests for believers in their countries to really be mobile and motivated to share the good news to those across the street or to a different people group. They also cried out for their governments to receive daily wisdom and for the churches to be involved in discipleship and equipping the people to be able to connect with all peoples and live out Christ in their daily lives.

Crewmember Atipa Kashimoto (Zambia), shared how she grew up in a Christian family but didn’t realize she lacked a true relationship with God. It was only when her teacher sat with her and explained about having a personal relationship with God that she understood and responded. Atipa now serves in the marine operations team. She prayed for Christians in her nation to stay passionate about serving during this time because they can make a big impact, just like her teacher did.

There was also a livestream on Facebook for an hour, to involve prayer partners and supporters around the world in the day of prayer and present prayer requests. The livestream saw over 600 engaged viewers, excited to be linking with the ship and praying for the nations.

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