Takoradi, Ghana :: King Okukrubor Agyemang V officially opens the bookfair in Takoradi.

Returning to Takoradi with royalty on board

Takoradi, Ghana :: Logos Hope returns to Takoradi.

The first visit to Takoradi at the end of last year was disrupted due to COVID-19 cases on board and Logos Hope’s planned programmes and outreaches had to be postponed.

The crew looked forward with great anticipation to coming back to Takoradi and to open the ship to the public at the beginning of March.

For the official opening of the bookfair, the crew welcomed several distinguished guests, among them King Okukrubor Agyemang V, who was also on board for the voyage from Tema to Takoradi, together with his wife and his team. The volunteers were excited to have royalty sail with them and were impressed by how the king allowed them to take pictures with him.

His majesty said, “I am very happy to be part of this entourage… It [was] my first time sailing in such a huge vessel and surprisingly we’ve come to notice and meet a lot of people. I think that I can call this ship a ‘United Nations’ ship… Looking at young, mature, wonderful people, people with higher education devoting themselves to be on a ship to spread the gospel to the world is amazing... On behalf of the kings and queens of Ghana, I want to say congratulations and thank you so much for these wonderful people. I envy them because of what I've seen them doing. And I wish I would have more of my time to be a blessing to them as well.”

About the ship visit in Takoradi, Logos Hope director Randy Grebe (USA) said, “We seek to reflect the love of God in our hearts to those who come on board the ship. Thank you for welcoming us back to this beautiful country and beautiful people of Ghana.”

The crew is excited about the ministry opportunities taking place in Takoradi, such as eyesight testing and providing pairs of glasses, a building project and several donations, as well as hosting events on board for church leaders, businessmen, women and youth. In all this, the crewmembers will get support from a number of young people from Takoradi who will work alongside them as port volunteers.

King Okukrubor Agyemang V officially cut the ribbon and Logos Hope’s bookfair is now open to the public from Tuesdays – Saturdays from 11am to 7pm and Sundays from 1pm to 7pm until March 13, 2022. Entrance: 2GHS (youth) and 5 GHS (adults).

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