This summer a new season began at OM France! While most of French Paris disappeared in August for their annual summer holiday, we began two weeks of renovation work to convert our head-office basement into a new, light, welcoming training centre. 

This hub will welcome six participants from March 2022 for a three-month long intensive discipleship training programme “Formation Explore…”– all in French! 

Trainees will explore how to grow in their faith, and how to share their story more effectively with some of the least-reached people in some of the least-reached places in both France and Europe:

- Ethnically – reaching out to those in France and Europe from some of the nations with the least access to the Gospel

- Geographically – we want to be intentional about supporting Church growth in areas of France where there are the fewest churches

- Generationally – many young people today have very little understanding of absolute truth. Participants will work together to plan how to effectively make the Truth of the Bible known. Then they will do it!

So often in the Bible we see God doing miracles with what people have already in their hands – think of Elijah and the widow with her oil jar, or the boy with five loaves and two fish. When these people stepped out in faith, submitting to God, they got to see him doing incredible miracles! I am very excited to see what God will do through our team, which has a wealth of experience, as we work together to plan and prepare this new phase of ministry.

Our goal is to create a tool which can be used to begin to equip young future leaders in how to study the Bible, give them practical outreach tools and on-the-ground experience to put into practice these newly acquired skills. They will discover life in an international team context – with all its joys and struggles!

And this can’t just be another “spiritual high” experience – our hearts desire is that people will come for three months, and at the end want more, with a thirst to know God deeply and serve Him where he is calling them – and maybe that will be France! Please intercede with us for God to work his miracle.

Other prayer topics for the next few months:

- That God will call people to take part in this training programme
- Wisdom for the team that is working on the preparation detail
- The renovation work that is under way – with much still to do!

Praise God for providing generously to begin the renovations.
Praise God for providing a renovation project-manager.

Paul Dixon, OM France Field Leader


If you want to apply please contact us