“Opération Phare” (Operation Lighthouse)

Following numerous consultations with pastors of local churches in the centre as well as the south of Brittany, we could picture a painful reality of some of their most isolated church members:just like the “Ar-Men” lighthouse (off the Finistère shore) is the most isolated at sea, similarly local church members, faithful witnesses of Jesus-Christ, are liable to find themselves isolated in their region.. Sometimes detached from the weekly activities of the local church, they nevertheless remain a key part of the work of Christ through their relationships with others. For in spite of theirsituation, with a faith firmly founded on the rock, they make the aroma of Christ known right where they are. And as witnesses of light, they summon the nations to an in-depth change of life, by turning to a life based on the work of Christ (Matthew 5.13-16).

Based on this “discovery”, the concept of Operation Lighthouse was born. It’s an approach always joined to the local church whose role is to discern and choose from its members, those individuals, couples or families who would be suitable to train. This means that the local church must define with the OM team the framework and the extent of the operation in accordance with their church plan.

Our objectives are therefore to mobilise and help local churches to select from their membership, those witnesses who are isolated, couples or families in need of such an Operation Lighthouse.

We will also strive to get to know these households , to pray with them, and establish a relevant and sustainable plan of action, so that they will be prepared to perpetuate the Gospel dynamic in their village or district (Ephesians 4.12-13).

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