An associate with OM France

written by OM France

From time to time we are contacted by friends and partners who desire to become more fully involved in an OM ministry or project. These are often people without a professional activity, or who have some spare time during the week, which they would like to devote to help in one of our ministries. We are delighted to welcome them on board as “OM associates”.

An “associate” differs from a volunteer in that he or she has set tasks and a clearly defined accountability. In short, the associate is considered as a fully fledged team member, even if he or she does not receive a monthly salary. Our associates join with us for the yearly retreat, have an OM e-mail address, and appear in our publications. We value them greatly for their commitment as they help us to accomplish our vision. Esther is a typical example….

“My role as an OM associate involves being responsible for a team working among women who are victims of human trafficking, linked to sexual exploitation in Paris. Being an associate allows me to have an OM full-time worker who checks my work, and provides an annual assessment. On top of that, I attend OM days, as well as the yearly OM France yearly retreat which is often a time of spiritual refreshment and conviviality”.

If you too would like more information concerning how to become an OM associate in France, please contact us using our e-mail address There are a host of possible ways to get involved, be it “on the field”, or by helping our existing team by giving practical administrative support in our office at Pontault-Combault.

Hoping to hear from you soon.



Pray for the associates of OM France:

Esther, Josiane, Lise, Pascale, Rebecca, Sophie and Tina.

Pray that others will feel called to commit some time to serve the Lord alongside us.

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