Farewell Sue et Simon!

written by Simon Yeomans

It was nearly a year and a half ago when we officially announced our plans to move from OM France to OM Canada as of May 2018. Now, as the deadline is upon us, we are all the more conscious of the many details to take into account.

But first and foremost, we are grateful; we are grateful to God for allowing us to be involved in missions and see many good things and answers to prayer, grateful to our team here for friendship and partnership, and grateful to you for your faithful support through finance and prayer.

As OM’s new mission statement puts it: We want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. This is the end goal of all that we do, whether it be on-the-ground ministry, mobilising, sending and receiving into mission or administrative and financial support in the background.

As we look back over our years here with OM France (17 for Simon and 13 for Sue), we are thankful for the part that we have been able to play in this vision. Simon started working in finance and administration and has led the field for the past 6 years. Sue’s involvement has been with French literacy classes, English classes and then personnel for the past 8 years. 

We have seen several years of literacy and bible classes organised for immigrant women with 5 making a decision to follow Christ, 20+ women released from a life of prostitution, 30+ French people joining OM to serve abroad for 6+ months, groups of Turkish believers in 7 cities baptised and discipled, hundreds of French people take part in short term missions and thousands of French teenagers attend the TeenStreet Europe event. You have been a part of that—through your prayers and your generous giving!

Amidst all the departure preparations we want to stay focused. There have been many things to do, people to train, relationships to cherish, goodbyes to organise, and before all that, an OM Riverboat visit to Strasbourg, a great mobilising tool for missions worldwide. What a great way to finish up. Thank you Lord for all that you have done and are continuing to do through OM in France!

Sue and Simon Yeomans

Pray for Sue and Simon:

Thank God for all they’ve brought to France, and pray for their new life.

May God continue to bless them in Canada

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