A heart for Strasbourg / Riverboat 2018

Over the course of three months, the OM Riverboat sailed the entire length of the Rhine, stopping at six different ports, including Strasbourg. From February 27th to March 11th, approximately 1,000 were able to try out our new escape game – “The Agency”.

“You’ve not only failed your personality test. On top of that, you’re a public danger. Therefore you’ll be remanded in custody until such time as the charges against you can be established”. Here’s just one example of the unexpected things overheard by visitors : A visitor told us: “It was no use being a Christian, and being aware of the purpose of the game – the experience was so realistic (what with all this noise and riddles), I realised to what extent it was important to keep calm, and to listen out for the voice of God during testing”

We managed to collect numerous similar testimonies in the coffee bar where visitors were able to have a drink, eat a waffle, read OM leaflets, and purchase Christian literature. However, that’s not the full story. Working parallel to Riverboat about 30 international team members recruited by OM France, as well as members of EEPEES ( L’Entente des Églises Protestantes Evangeliques de l’Eurometropole de Strasbourg), went into the streets to share the good news of Christ. By means of questionnaires, advertising brochures for various events, dancing and songs, team members were able to have lots of good discussions about the Gospel. There were some who even went out during the night to offer help to those sleeping on the streets, and to victims of human trafficking.

“Leave your comfort zone”- this was the most frequently cited phrase over the two weeks. For some, this involved going into the streets and sharing their faith with complete strangers; for others it was caused by physical fatigue. Whatever the case, we’re thankful to God for the periods of intensity, and above all for the lives touched by God’s love.

At the end of the 2 weeks, we had the joy to take part in a soiree organised by the Lingolsheim churches (to the south-west of Strasbourg). Using dance, songs, and drama, guests were allowed to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

We’d like to thank the EEPEES churches for taking part in this project, and for extending such a warm welcome to us in their beautiful region. Above everything, we want to thank God who brought about this project. To Him be the glory!


Testimony of Kedy, a team member who joined us at Strasbourg, and for whom the adventure continued with the Riverboat for a further two weeks in Mannheim in Germany.

Prayer is indispensable : pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5.17)

On board, a cabin had been specifically decorated and set aside as a “prayer room”. A room open not just to team members, but also to visitors. Likewise whenever members went out into the streets, a back-up team joined in prayer. We really felt carried by the team’s prayers whether we were in the streets or on the boat.











And afterwards?

For the 80 team members who served on the Riverboat, it proved to be a life-changing experience. We pray that the 6,500 visitors who came on board during those 3 months were also transformed by the experience.
The leaders are now doing an assessment of what took place. We don’t yet know whether the Riverboat will return next year. But one thing is sure – our mission to spread the Gospel doesn’t stop here!

Join us for a long-term or short-term mission in France or abroad!  


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