Opération Fil2019

written by Elise Ha

“Operation FIL 2019” sounds rather mysterious; however, it was under this name that Operation Mobilisation got involved in the Lorient Interceltic Festival. This internationally renowned festival is the biggest event of the year in Brittany, attracting thousands of people each year, and OM couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be present there any longer! So, from 28th July to 11th August, twenty-four team members from all over the world took part in this unprecedented OM mission, alongside four local churches. Under guidance from members of OM Heart Sounds International, the team started out by writing about ten songs in a Celtic/Breton style, accompanied by lyrics expressing the good news of the Gospel. During the festival, they then sought to connect with the people of Brittany through concerts in churches, cafes and in people’s homes, as well as conducting some street surveys.

Our participants tell us:

Normally, playing live music is a selfish ambition, but playing to attract people to the gospel in a bar or in the street is an inspiring concept that I will take home with me. Brian, guitarist, USA

During one of the concerts, a man was moved as I was playing the violin – he had just lost his father who had been a violinist. Lise was able to have a good conversation with his wife, telling her about our faith and our love for God. Overall, everyone had a role to play in the situation, unexpected as it was. God really is the best orchestra conductor. Jonathan, violinist, France   Concert dans un bar

A man and his partner were in tears during the concert. When I chatted to them, they told me that our generosity towards them and our love for all had overwhelmed them. This really illustrated Jesus’ words in John 13:35: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”! Lise, singer, France

We were really surprised when a refugee from Kosovo invited us into his home after we chatted to him in a council estate. Despite the language barrier, it was an unforgettable and enriching experience. I came out with a heavy heart, but full of hope that God can transform the lives of this family. It was such a joy to be able to share what we believe in and to pray for the family. Olivier, France

We were all nervous because we didn’t have much time to compose the songs and practice together before the first concert. Despite this, we took the time to pray and brought our tiredness, fragility and impatience before God. Miraculously, we finished the songs in time, and they were for His glory! The experience taught me to have confidence in God rather than relying on our own strength. Emma, violinist, Northern Ireland

We didn’t have much success with our survey in the rain, so we decided to leave the area. However, we tried to speak to one last person who was waiting for a bus. The questionnaire didn’t interest them particularly, but we ended up having a very open and honest conversation. Before going our separate ways, we invited the man to reflect on what he wanted to ask God, and he then let us pray for him! Paul & Josh, UK

A man invited us into his home after the concert. I was really touched, especially because we had learnt earlier that the people in Brittany take a bit of time to open up to others. Ever since, it has been on my heart to pray for him and his son. Élise,singer, France

I was really encouraged to see the pastors working together. From what I understood, this was not what they were used to. We saw them playing football together and paying each other visits. Beth, flutist, USA

As I don’t speak French very well, I was a bit apprehensive when we first went out to do some surveys. However, God helped me and I was able to give my testimony to a woman and even pray for her. Siméon, SwitzerlandConcert à l'église de Vannes


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