The light is breaking through

It is hard to imagine church growth in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic and on top of this to imagine personal growth within the Turkish-speaking churches is even more difficult. But this is exactly what has happened.


A new strategy.

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God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails

The Logos Hope is Operation Mobilisation’s ship that has been sailing the seas and oceans for around ten years. On board, 400 volunteers, 60 different nationalities travel all around the world to bring knowledge, help, and hope.

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Stories of our heroines

During his traditional New Year speech, President Emmanuel Macron told several stories of people he considers to be heroes in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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A look back at our national day of evangelism, 5 December 2020

At the start of 2020, we would never have believed it possible to launch this kind of event, but we saw the mighty hand of God at work even in the complications brought to us by Covid. The concept was born, giving life to an amazing MOBILISATION opportunity.

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Online training unites Turkish believers

Turkish Jesus followers across the country learn how to share God's love in their own communities via an online Zoom training.

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Caring for coronavirus patients

Maria cares for coronavirus patients and prays for them to find peace in the middle of a global medical crisis.

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Passion for the ‘now generation’

Marleen and her team are training children's workers to reach children with the gospel through Holiday Reading Clubs, games, prayer and discipleship.

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Literacy classes with immigrant women

Our Literacy classes provide an opportunity to share His love and light with women from different unreached people groups, primarily from North Africa and Bangladesh.

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Pioneer Projects

Pioneer Projects includes various ministries where, in partnership with churches or denominations in some of the least-reached areas of France, we aim to plant new churches and revitalise others that are in need of a boost. Here is some news from our different teams:

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For me Jesus is life

Sarah uses her medical skills to make Jesus known in her Muslim majority country.

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Blessings out of crisis

The coronavirus has opened up doors to share the good news in the small mountainous country of Lesotho.

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Bringing mission back to church

Sam relaunches missions ministry in his church by translating newsletters from ship friends serving in other countries.

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French abroad

In March, just before lockdown, 15 French missionaries were heading abroad, thirteen long term and two short term.

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Reaching out on the airwaves

Radio Lilanguka is more than just a radio station. It aims to “participate in the development of the region in all possible aspects,” Kondwani explained.

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TeenStreet 2020 - TeenStreet Life

With church activities and camps all over the world being disrupted in one way or another and large events being cancelled, it was clear then that TeenStreet 2020 con-ference with its 4000 participants would inevitably be cancelled.

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Anti-trafficking Ministry

2020 has been marked by Covid 19 and all of the effects linked to the virus’s spread across the world. A journalist from a Chris-tian magazine asked me if we had to reduce our social action due to Covid-19.

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Ministry among Turkish people

Martin and Petro came back from their one-year sabbatical in South Africa ready to restart with ministry among the Turkish speaking people in France. It was all going according to plan until the Covid-19 caused disruption in their plans.

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Nation-wide outreach day

The Logos Hope was meant to come to Rouen during summer 2019. All the pre-planned onboard events were centred on the theme “Live out Love”. Unfortunate-ly, with the cancellation of the ship visit, like everyone everywhere, we had to find alternative solutions.

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The Word of God in every corner 

Simon and Edah share Christ's love with people by meeting them where they are at. That often means being on the football field or with a sewing needle in hand.

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Seeing growth in hard times

While facing various challenges, Deborah witnesses ministry taking root.

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