From France to Chile

written by Lucie

Lucie has been with OM in Chile for two years. Previously, she worked for a few months in communication and graphic design after three years of study, followed by a six month voluntary placement. During this period, she used her experience to invest a great deal into associations, youth groups and her church. So why OM?

"I was at a turning point in my life, searching for ways to make a difference, but I wanted to be somewhere else, preferably South America because my parents had been missionaries in Argentina. I then discovered that OM were looking for someone to take on a communications role in Chile. The job description was perfect for me: I had the relevant experience, passion for Latin America and the commitment to God!

So, I joined in 2019 for two years and I have just made the decision to stay an extra two years. My mission, which is very varied, is to introduce the mission to the Chileans and local churches through social media, newsletters and the website. I write about OM's activities in Chile and abroad, as well as the various events and opportunities to get involved in.

The Latino culture is very different to ours: we are less stressed, not very organised, but we live well here. It's a real challenge for me. One difficulty is how to get things moving, because although the Church is very motivated for God, planned projects do not always become reality. But things are moving in me! Moving over here has allowed me to find myself, to open myself up to others, to rediscover my relationship with God, reflect on the way I think and work, and also to be part of something bigger.


Alongside my role in communications, I take part in a variety of ministries, including street evangelism. Before Covid, we led creative activities in the streets of Santiago: chats over a free coffee, handing out flowers and bible verses, street theatre… During one of these outings, we were stood in from of a metro stop with a large box with the words "the most wonderful thing in the world" written on it. We invited passers by to look in the box through a small trap door and they found themselves looking into a mirror! The reactions ranged from big smiles to long conversations. Everyone who came over was touched in some way.

When I return, I would like to share my experience of working in an international team of kind-hearted Christians, where each person lives out their unique relationship with a God who cares deeply for us. But for now, I would like to find creative forms of communication in response to the pandemic and develop support for Chilean missionaries, in their communication and fundraising.

I have just returned to Chile which has been in lockdown for several weeks. It's a bit discouraging! Thank you for praying for God to guide me in the continuation of my work. We have several online projects coming up this year which will allow us to reach Chileans from one side to the other of this very long country (4200km by 200km!) as well as all Spanish speakers in the South American continent! It is a privilege to show such a large population the work of God in the world and in their needs. Please pray that the Lord shows us His way, and above all that He is at the centre of it all, that he unites and strengthens us. »

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