God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails

The Logos Hope is Operation Mobilisation’s ship that has been sailing the seas and oceans for around ten years. On board, 400 volunteers, 60 different nationalities travel all around the world to bring knowledge, help, and hope. Sandra is a French nurse that boarded the Logos Hope for a three month trip, and ended up staying for four years! Didier and his wife Uranie, meanwhile, expect to embark in a few months. They shared their experience with us.


I was a nurse in Paris when I joined the ship’s team in January 2016 for a three month program; then I returned in September for a year, before spending another three on board, up until February 2020!

To be honest, I was mostly driven by a desire to escape. But by the end of my time on board, with so many Christians from all over the world worshipping God and sharing what He had done through their lives, I understood that I needed to know more about this extraordinary God.

First of all I worked in the international cafe on board; I really enjoyed interacting with all the visitors. Then I was a nurse for a year and a half, before finishing in what’s called the “line-up team”. It’s a logistical team that makes preparations for the ship’s arrival in each port.

Living with 400 people, 65 different nationalities is a memorable experience, and God taught me so much about myself. But the thing that struck me the most was the change that God brought about in the lives of so many across the world!

I got back just before the first lockdown and I quickly resumed my job as a nurse. I’m based in Brittany where there aren’t many churches.

I encourage you to join the Logos Hope for at least two years. God works through the ministry on this ship, across the whole world but also within the hearts of those on board. It’s an unforgettable experience through which God has changed my life.

Didier et Uranie

We have been married for 23 years and we have a 20 year-old son, Arnaud. Didier is a chaplain in a Parisian hospitals  and Uranie is a management assistant. Didier is also an elder in our church, and we both look after the couples and families there.

In 2002, our family joined the Doulos ship for three years. When we arrived, Didier worked in the book shop, the perfect place to meet people. Uranie was looking after Arnaud, who was only two years old at the time. Then, we took on the role of organising the training programme for the local volunteers in each country the ship visited. We were also involved in daily evangelism through the activities that took place on board.

After our return, we trained in mentoring and counselling, with no fixed objective. Now that God has given us the green light, we will be setting sail on the Logos Hope next September, with the mission to oversee pastoral care of the team. God has been equipping us for this task for years without us knowing it. Being able to handle it as a couple will be a plus.

Please pray for us as we prepare and search for support, which is not easy during the pandemic, and for reassurance as we leave our family, friends, church, and especially our son Arnaud, behind.

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