On the Logos Hope during quarantine...

written by Lise B

The Logos Hope has needed to adapt to circumstances created by the pandemic. On the 12th of March 2020, when it was supposed to be setting sail for Europe, the ship had to quarantine in Kingston, Jamaica. Hereafter, some testimonies from our French crew members, telling us about their experience.

“I joined the ship in the middle of the pandemic after a long period of self-isolation in France. My flights had been constantly cancelled and uncertainties were building up: would the bookshop open again? What would ministry look like? In the end, the bookshop did open again while I was getting ready to go back to France. Does that mean I wasted my time on board? No, because I have realised that giving your time to God, and following His call, is never in vain. God doesn’t need a bookshop to spread his word, nor to transform me and use me. He does what He wants, sometimes in ways we don’t expect. My work on board also helped the Logos Hope to continue its ministry and reopen the bookshop. Even if we don’t necessarily see the end result of our plans, God is faithful and will bring them to fruition.”


"We arrived on board the Logos Hope in February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic. We soon had to put the boat’s popular slogan into practice: ‘be FAT: Flexible, Adaptable, Teachable’, which affected us daily (our work, leisure, faith, community life, as well as our life as a couple and as individuals).

It took us time to accept the situation. We often questioned how useful we were being on board, and considered returning to France. But each time, the hope of a better future prevailed and motivated us to stay on. Today, it feels a bit strange when we look back, but we can see just how faithful God has been to us. Currently, Mathieu is working in ship maintenance and Florence is working in logistics. We are thankful that the ministry of the Logos Hope is gradually starting up again. We bare in mind the lesson that many of us (on the ship and throughout the world) have learned over the course of this last year: God is in control of everything, and His plans are not always the same as ours. Let’s be open to His will."

Mathieu and Florence

"When the Covid pandemic started, I had been on board the Logos Hope for one year. These 122 hours were a time of real blessing for me. Before quarantine, my life on board was very intense, particularly my work in the bookshop. Furthermore, with my new responsibilities as a team leader, I was soon overloaded and exhausted. When everything came to a halt, I was able to spend time with the community on board and make new friends. This period also allowed me to grow in my prayer life, enriched by daily intercession, which was at first, mainly about the Covid pandemic and its consequences. During this break in the ship’s activities, we took courses which helped us to grow in our relationship with God and to better equip ourselves to serve Him.

After the quarantine, I was a coach and team leader on the Abaco islands in the Bahamas. Our teams renovated houses that had been destroyed by Hurricane Dorian the year before. I also learnt a lot from this experience. Now in 2021, we are learning, little by little, how to serve God in this new post-Covid world. God is faithful: on the 10th of July we were able to reopen the ship to the public after practically 16 months of disruption." 


The Ship Ministry began in 1970 as part of the global Christian training and outreach movement, OM International. Since then OM’s ships have visited more than 480 different ports in 151 countries and territories and welcomed over 47 million visitors on board.

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