A look back at our national day of evangelism, 5 December 2020

At the start of 2020, we would never have believed it possible to launch this kind of event, but we saw the mighty hand of God at work even in the complications brought to us by Covid. The concept was born, giving life to an amazing MOBILISATION opportunity.

Around one hundred of us, including 15 small groups, accepted the challenge and said a resounding “yes” to reaching out despite the difficulties, joining forces with the many participants spread across France and elsewhere in the world. For some, it was an opportunity to receive training, for others the main takeaway from the day was the collective prayer or the outing in the afternoon which allowed them to work for God in their neighbourhood.

Despite the hundreds of miles that separated us, we formed a single team, the body of Christ, and it was a real joy to participate in God’s plan to save those who need Him. Let each other’s testimonies encourage you and… see you next time?

Paul Dixon

From the very start of the day, I was touched by the possibility of meeting on Zoom with brothers and sisters from all over France and beyond. What a blessing to see all those faces! They reminded me that the Church, with a capital C, is not just my community but a much bigger group of people from all generations, origins, and cultures.

I really enjoyed the teaching and the worship. Unlike other teaching available, this Saturday I had the privilege of being taught by people experienced in outreach mission; each training was authentic and very clear. I could tell that the leaders were all speaking from their own experiences. Their simple and practical way of approaching outreach encouraged me so much, especially since I’d had rather negative experiences with it before. I used to find it difficult to speak to people about Jesus, but the training has taught me how to put evangelism into practice without overthinking. The Bible-based teaching that I received is changing the way that I share the Good News and has had a huge impact on the way I live.

After putting the training into practice with members of my local church, it was great to reconvene on Zoom in the afternoon and share with one another what we had been up to wherever God had placed each of us. Seeing how God works in such different ways reminded me of His immense creativity. By His grace He has helped us share the Good News and bless our families, friends, neighbours and everyone around us in these difficult times.

I want to say a huge thank you to the whole OM team who worked so hard to give us the opportunity to pray and serve together, to bless and be blessed. I can’t wait for the next day or week of outreach with OM in France! God bless,

Nilza, a participant

This pandemic has hugely impacted church life and has sometimes put church work amongst communities on hold. However, our world is in desperate need of Jesus’ light in these dark times. One of the activities that has been most impacted by the pandemic is evangelism, so were extremely happy to take part in OM’s outreach day on 5th December 2020. It was an amazing opportunity to mobilise our church and show God’s love in our local area. It really helped us stay on track after a year of such changed plans.

We were able to organise a prayer walk with around 15 brothers and sisters from church, for many of whom this was their first time. We as a team were also able to (re)discover the town where God has placed us. In preparation for the walk, we had this verse from Ezekiel on our hearts:

“Do I take pleasure in the death of the wicked? says the Lord God. Certainly not! If they change their ways, they will live.” Ezekiel 18:23

All in all, I was happy that our Christmas period started out in prayer, reminding us that before action, it’s crucial to centre ourselves on God because it is His work we are carrying out. After the prayer walk, we were moved to organise a distribution of presents in the neighbourhood. Then we sang a few carols in the street on the morning and afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Thank you, Lord, for this incredible movement across France. And we pray that God would grow plenty of good fruit from the seeds we have planted.

Ruben, Pastor of the Church of Lagny-sur-Marne



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