Nation-wide outreach Day

The Logos Hope was meant to come to Rouen during summer 2019. All the pre-planned onboard events were centred on the theme “Live out Love”. Unfortunate-ly, with the cancellation of the ship visit, like everyone everywhere, we had to find alternative solutions. And so, the idea for “Live out love... differently” was born: a day of nation-wide outreach with some on-line training, a short mission trip or a prayer walk, and a video call with all the partici-pants at the beginning and end of the day. We were really encouraged to have more than a hundred participants on 25 July 2020, with different activities across 14 French towns, and having prayer partners not only in France but also in England, Scot-land, Ireland, the US and Mexico! It was such a joy to all be engaged in God’s work! Please join us in praying for all those who heard the gospel dur-ing this day and that God would continue to touch their hearts.

Stephanie Dixon


Here are some testimonies from the par-ticipants:

“It was encouraging to be a part of a group of Christians that I didn’t know before. Be-cause I live in the US, I wasn’t able to take part physically in what was going on in France, but sharing the gospel in France is really important for me. I joined the Zoom meeting at the end, thank you for everything!” Françoise “We had the opportunity to speak to so many people, in particular a North African woman who we were able to share what we had learned in the morning training with. Thank you! It was a great day!” Kristin

“We met some atheists who it turned out knew some of the members of our church! So this opened up some discussion. One of the North African we were chatting with had already seen the film ‘Jesus’ and had read the gospels. It was wonderful to see how God was at work through it all.” Vanessa

“A passerby was interested in some booklets of Luke’s gospel we were handing out. One thing led to an-other and he asked us for a Bible. I gave him one. We bumped into him twice in the space of 15 minutes, all three of us with a big smile on our faces.” EngSeng

“We were guided by the Holy Spirit on our prayer walk, split into two groups. Even when we hadn’t de-cided to go up to people in the street, God set up encounters. One young man changed his life and returned to Him, having been a Christian previously and turned his back on God.” Farida

“I really liked the training, the groups unit-ed towards the same goal, the amazing en-counters along the way, the presence of OM alongside us. We had some really good en-counters, particularly with a young 11 year old girl with an incredible spiritual maturity. Her father had cancer, but she told us that she prayed to God every day and relied on Him. She prayed for her father who was closed to the gospel and she loved God with all her heart. Her face glowed with His light and she had peace in her heart. She really in-spired us. There were so many other stories to tell, but she was the youngest person we encountered.” Claudine