Testimony of a volunteer

written by Alain

Sometimes people have a special call from the Lord to commit to something that seemed unlikely to them beforehand. When that happens, the Holy Spirit has to convince them to go ahead. Think of Abraham! Did he not have to be absolutely certain it was God asking him to sacrifice his son, the very one whom God had promised?

My modest experience has taught me that one of the main motivating factors in the Christian life is not so much that kind of divine command as obedience to simple guidelines, such as we find in Galatians 6.2, a verse that has had a big impact on my Christian life: ‘Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.’

From I was in primary school, I was good at spelling. I started helping OM in 1977. At that time, Mike Evans was the OM Director, and at my preliminary interview, he asked if I was good at spelling! An unexpected door opened up for me, and I’ve been involved in this kind of work ever since. There is a real need for proofreaders. It isn’t an ‘upfront’ ministry, but just look at the cogs in a watch – if you remove even a small one of these, the watch stops! If a text is illegible, it ceases to convey the information it’s supposed to.

Read Romans 10.13-17, which is about obedience also. I made myself available to the body of Christ simply because I heard about a need I could meet, using the little I had to offer. Open your eyes and ears, and you will see there’s much to be done. The idea of a bored Christian makes no sense!

"My version of Galatians 6:2, with a definite Alsatian accent."


Stories from the Region

An essential role

There are 2 parts to the Personnel role; sending French people abroad on mission, and supporting people coming to join the OM France team. Because France is a small field, I get to do both! So that means I’m in touch with French people right from their initial inquiry until they go out into the field. I get to help them work out what they want to do, provide training before they go, and keep in touch when they’re abroad. I'll stay in touch with them right until they return to France and we can debrief about their time away. For people joining the team, I help to explain what it will be like and provide orientation when they arrive to help them settle in.

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Looking back...and looking forward!

I was never a huge fan of history at school, struggling to understand the pertinence for me today of an event that took place 100 or 1000 years ago. How was understanding the Industrial Revolution going to change what I did tomorrow? As I grew older, I had to admit the reality that our past shapes and influences our present, and will have an impact on our future.

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TeenStreet in Spain -Transformed young people

This year, via Teenstreet, Operation Mobilisation’s youth ministry, we had the privilege of taking part in two youth events. The ‘Teencity’ event took place on 23 and 24 April, bringing together around 50 young people. They came from all over France, some with experience (and others not, because of covid) of youth rallies. It was wonderful to see them so happy to be among Christian friends (some of them for the first time) under the responsibility of youth leaders who were readily available to them.

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