The third Nation-wide Outreach Day : “Live out Love Autrement”

Encouraged by the hundred or so participants who took part in the second Nation-wide Outreach Day on the 5th December 2020, OM France decided to hold their third annual event on the 29th May 2021. As ever, the Lord was faithful and gracious.

Despite public health restrictions, OM France was able to go ahead with this event, sharing the love of Christ all over France. Although participants were scattered all around the country, from North, South, East and West, they were united in Spirit and purpose. Despite the distance between them, they all stepped out of their comfort zone, using a variety of methods to reach out. Neighbours, family, friends, acquaintances, or simply people they bumped into in the street, had the chance to see the love of Christ in action. Together, they went out to meet their neighbours, showing them God’s love and praying for them.

Evangelism is so much more than a one-off action, it’s a way of life! OM France delights in mobilising and training hundreds of Christians throughout France, supported in prayer by intercessors both in France and abroad, who all hold dear the spread of the Gospel in France. What a blessing to be at the receiving end of so much love!

Each participant was keen to share their own experience. Let’s catch a glimpse of some highlights from this memorable day by reading to their stories:

Here are some of Kristin’s exceptional moments: “What really touched me today was the teaching on being a recipient of the Gospel, and not an expert in it. So, when we were out and about, I was able to pray fervently for the people we met, that they would also know, accept, and be blessed by the Good News. A huge THANK YOU to the whole team for making this day possible!”

Felicity tells us: “Evangelism doesn’t just happen in our churches or workplaces, but also on the street. Despite being really tired, God gave me the strength to take on this day dedicated to prayer walks and telling some passers-by about Jesus. I pray that God continues to give us a thirst for sharing His word wherever we are, and that His word would have an impact on future generations.”

“I got so much out of the national mobilisation as well as that of my own church members. We opted for friendship evangelism training, followed by a prayer walk;” Stephen told us. He added, “Because we didn’t get a chance to put the training into practice, we are going to organise another meeting to share the work we have been doing individually: writing down our testimonies and commenting on one another’s so that we’ll be ready to evangelise our friends. I’m delighted to have been a leader, to have seen the organisational side of things and to have received training from OM France. I enjoyed getting to know the OM team, not to mention the moments of sweet fellowship. I can’t wait to get out and evangelise, accompanied, if possible, by an evangelist…”

What a privilege to see the enthusiasm and efforts of brothers and sisters who want to respond to God’s call.

Together, let’s stand in the gap and reach out to those who haven’t yet heard the Gospel in France.

Pray or Join us for the next edition of ‘’Live out Love’’!
Saturday,28th May 2022


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