*Ahmet’s life began in a small agricultural village of Turkey. “ We were immersed in Muslim traditions. However my spirit was always like a restless boat without an anchor”Ahmet says. At the time, Ahmet never questioned why he thought differently than others. Now he recognises that God was using these questions to lead me to Him.

His first step outside his small village was attending university. The city was quite different from his village, as it was known for radical Islam. It revealed to him the problems with extremism. “I didn’t think of myself as a strong Muslim,” he concedes, “but this caused me to distance myself from Islam even further.”

After university, he encountered followers of Jesus for the first time In South Africa. Ahmet, a Turkish Muslim, with a heart to discover the meaning of life discovered in the Bible that Jesus was the anchor for his restless soul. During this time, Martin Delange, who was serving among Turks in France, invited him to move to France, where he served alongside Martin and his wife for three years. With the support of OM, he joined other Jesus followers to spend a few weeks sharing the good news in his home village. The visiting group even started a daily Bible study with his mom and aunt. “So after these three weeks, I really felt the Lord urging me to return home,” Ahmet says. These days, God has brought Ahmet back to Turkey.

*name changed



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“The Word gave LIFE to everything that was created, and his life brought LIGHT to everyone.”
– JOHN 1:4 (NLT)