Our goal in northern Ghana is to raise awareness of child trafficking as well as usher in education and advocacy.

Our goal in northern Ghana is to raise awareness of child trafficking as well as usher in education and advocacy.

In northern Ghana many of the children will be trafficked to the south before they reach the age of 12. Once trafficked, these children can be forced into fishing, farming, domestic work, and some of the girls are made to be head porters (transporting items on their heads). Some children are also trafficked to bordering countries—and to southern Ghana—for labour and sexual exploitation.

Children in poor regions of northern Ghana find themselves the product of tribal, traditional, and cultural practices that have become the ‘push factors’, forcing them into the hands of traffickers.

Ghana is one of Africa’s diverse and beautiful countries, located on the Atlantic coast and situated just a little north of the Equator. It is a country not only rich in scenery and wildlife, but also in natural resources, including gold.

Our Ministries in Ghana

Missions Discipleship Training

This program is a five month discipleship training that offers opportunities for people who are called to sharpen their skills and to test their visions in order to align it with God’s ultimate mission to transform the world to be the image of Christ. During these five months, participants are challenged beyond what they see and feel but to make these realities as they identify themselves with God.

Child Trafficking Prevention

We have a great passion to secure a brighter future for children in particular needy and disadvantaged children in rural areas. With a passion to love and care we are committed to the health needs, educational provisions, physical needs and social interventions to present a future with hope to these vulnerable children. The project seeks to restore hope to children who are caught up or victims of trafficking and child labour by providing educational support, vocational training, micro finance, advocacy, law enforcement, awareness creation and prevention. Life is better where there is love, care and hope – these we seek to offer through our Rural Child Aid Initiative.

Local Community Relations

Through developing relationships with law enforcement, we have had the incredible opportunity to engage with people in need of hope as detected through local law enforcement, as well as give them advocacy training and awareness pertaining to certain scenarios. We also reach out to the young in the community through differentiating children’s ministry opportunities.

Skills Training

For those at risk for trafficking or unemployed, we believe in helping them develop skills, whether in sewing, hairdressing and catering, in order to aid into employment and financial provision.

Overseas Ministry

The ‘Overseas’ of Northern Ghana for many years has struggled with the gospel advancement. The area is called overseas because during raining season, it is difficult to reach. There is no access to roads even. Seen as one of the least reached area in Ghana, the area is made up of 45 communities with only five trained pastors. These pastors have 10 churches to lead in five communities. Dominated by Muslims in this area, the gospel over the years has been hindered for lack of pastors and leaders. We started working in this area in 2010, seeking to plant and grow churches in this area, as well as raise leaders and provide sustainable opportunities to reduce poverty among the people.