“Khoda-afez! I hope to see you on Sunday!” is how OM-work­er Martine is saying goodbye to the women who came to the Women’s day at Connect, a coffee place OM runs to wel­come refugees. Almost all the women that came here in the past few months started com­ing to church on Sundays, and brought their families. For many years, the WIN Internation­al Church in Athens has been welcoming refugees. Since it was their desire to reach more refugee women, they started to organize a weekly women’s day, together with OM-worker Martine. At the moment, around 8 women, with their children, come to Connect on Thursdays. It creates a great opportunity to get to know these women and children, and offer them a cup of tea, a listening ear, and ac­tivities that makes their lives a little brighter. Their lives were, and often still are, full of trou­ble.

Regularly other female, Persian-speaking believers come and talk with the wom­en. Martine is also able to talk to the women in the Persian language, as she has lived in Central Asia before. “Christmas time is an excellent opportunity to talk about Jesus, and explain why His arrival on this earth is so important. Last week, after we had lunch to­gether” she tells, “I had a conversation with three wom­en, and the topics just came up while we were sitting to­gether, next to the Christmas tree. The topic went from bad dreams, to babies growing in­side a mother’s womb, to griev­ing at a funeral, to Jesus, who came to this earth to bear our sins. This gave me many op­portunities to share about my faith in Jesus Christ! In the end they mentioned that they really experienced something differ­ent about us (Christians who are involved in Connect), an extraordinary, loving attitude. I could share about the Joy of having Jesus, and His promise to receive the Holy Spirit if you accept Him as your Saviour. The Christmas craft that we made with the children reminded us even more how special Jesus is, a real light in this dark world. Let us never forget the impor­tance to tell about this Light, as it came for all mankind.”