Seeking freedom at Community House Damaris

At OM Hellas we are proud to partner with Community House Damaris, a safe house and recovery programme for women and their children who have been or are at high risk of sexual exploitation or trafficking. The programme is designed to guide survivors into full rehabilitation and reintegration into society by focusing on (1) addressing trauma and mental health, (2) teaching personal development and life skills, (3) offering vocational training for the workplace, and (4) providing access to medical and public services.

To celebrate five years since Community House Damaris opened its doors back in March 2016, we are pleased to share with you a story from Karla, one of the 28 women who has been part of the recovery programme. It really is so encouraging to see how God has moved in their hearts, and how they have experienced His love in such a deep and unique way.

Karla’s story

Karla* was born and raised on a Caribbean island in Latin America. She was in her early twenties when she heard rumors about a man who was helping people in her neighbourhood to obtain good jobs in Turkey, especially young women. Although Karla was excited about the opportunity to make more money in order to help her family, it soon became clear that the opportunity was not what she first thought and she was trafficked to Turkey. By God's grace, she was able to escape and came to Greece looking for safety, where she gave birth to her first son. She stayed at Community House Damaris for a year, where she followed the recovery programme, before emigrating to Spain once all her paperwork was ready. Karla now lives in Spain and is happily married with another baby.

Despite the overwhelming need in Greece, transformation stories just like Karla’s can happen when we, the Body of Christ, decide to take action. This means falling on our knees in prayer, showing up to help, and providing the necessary support to get these women out of camps and off the streets into – at the very minimum – safe housing.

Sometimes the trauma the participants carry is so great, that they find it difficult to fight for their own freedom. However, Damaris House, in partnership with OM Hellas, are committed to continuing to walk this journey with them in prayer, so that they can experience a breakthrough. It really is our privilege to witness God at work in the life of each participant and to see His plans come to fruition.

*Name changed for security reasons