Logos Hope: Nurse


Partnership Type

Full Time

Commitment Length

1-2 years



Partnership Overview

Serve on board Logos Hope with an international crew of around 400 volunteers from many different countries.

We are looking for a qualified nurse to provide on board medical care and treatment for crew & guests under the direction of the ship's physician.

Required Skills

What are the requirements (skills/competences) for this role?

  • You have previous work experience in a Hospital or Doctor's practice

You have studied/completed an apprenticeship in...

  • Nursing
  • You are willing to practice communication with people & Doctors
  • Be part of the Emergency duty
  • You are proactive and you like to organize yourself and work independently

If you receive applications/inquiries the following basic information can be send to those people as well: What will be your tasks and responsibilities in this role?

  • You are responsible for...
  • Running the clinic together with the Medical Officer
  • Emergency situations, Documentation/Patient records
  • Monthly maintenance and First aid kits check
  • Drug inventory
  • Making the clinic safe for sailing and putting out seasick medication to service desk
  • Cleaning (Sterilising used instruments, Floor, Surfaces, Rooms etc...)
  • You are the one who….
  • Keeps the vaccination cards up to date for each crew member
  • Gives vaccinations
  • Helps with Insurance claims
  • Is part of the Control team and on call duty medical staff
  • You coordinate the duty medical schedule for each month
  • You need to be confident, willing to serve and gentle as a medical staff.

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* The jobs listed on this website do not have a set salary. This means that the person who applies will need to raise their own support, which is money that they will use to live on. The amount of support money they need to raise will depend on things like where they are from, if they have a family, and what country they will be working in. There might be some jobs that pay salary, but these are rare and would need to be negotiated with the sending offices and the teams you'd like to serve with. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local home office. Always keep in mind that our ministry depends on generous giving from our partners around the globe and God's ongoing provision. Joining OM is always seen as a step of faith and trust in a God who will provide for our needs through his chosen people.