Hope for Zurich was started in 2000 in the innercity of Zurich as GAZ (Global Action Zurich). In 2011, we moved to another part of the city, to Zurich-Schwamendingen, and renamed our project to our current name.

Although some of our work has changed, our vision has not: We want to bring hope to our neighbour. We invest ourselves in ministries of different local churches and form friendships with our neighbours in the area. Participants of our discipleship school are taken along in the different ministries, and at the same time will be trained and personally mentored. Through that, they learn to identify the needs of the people, how they can share their lives, and acquire experience in different areas.

Hope for Zurich as well as the costs of the discipleship school are entirely financed through donations.

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Hope for Zurich is a ministry of OM Switzerland. Click here to find out more information about OM.