We are looking for you!

Are you between 18 and 35 years old? Would you like to learn more about you and your faith, and learn through training and practical ministries how you can live a holistic lifestyle in your neighbourhood? If so, you might have found what you were looking for.

Hope for Zurich equips young people to live a holistic lifestyle.

Through educational training, practical ministries and community life, you will get to know yourself, others and God better.

The Training

The educational training starts with a two months basic training on specific topics. After that, the topics can vary and might be accustomed according to your strengths and needs. Through the training, you will be led into more independence. Through mentoring, you will be personally challenged and your faith will be solidified and lived out through ordinary, daily routine.


  • Practical orientation of the area and culture
  • Development of personal character and interaction with the team
  • Overview of the Bible and specific topics
  • Principles of faith
  • Introduction to world religions and world views
  • Ministering to people from different backgrounds and ages
  • Missiology in the western world
  • Learning Swiss German

The Ministry

You will work in different ministries of local churches or other Christian organizations. You will invest yourself according to your gifts. You will have the opportunity to be a part of already existing projects and initiate new ones, if it is time to do so and it aligns with your strengths. We spend quite some time in our neighbourhood and build relationships with the people around us.


  • Multicultural children's programmes and children's weeks
  • Connecting and visiting people from different backgrounds
  • Building relationships in the neighbourhood
  • Working in a local coffee shop ministry
  • Bible studies for beginners
  • Participation in evangelistic projects
  • Working with teenagers
  • or your own ideas

If you would like to learn more about the projects we are involved in, click here.

The Community

The intercultural community you live in will challenge you to grow and develop personally and spiritually. Life in the community is highly dependent on the people you live with. You will grow through interacting with them and learn to share your life and faith in your own house and the neighbourhood. You can see some pictures of the house here.

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