The course was perfect! There are so many methods to share the good news. There are numerous tools to get people to understand who Jesus is. One student of the Discipleship programme, Jana*, was wondering if she would be successful, if all the newfound knowledge would help her to lead people to Christ.

The story takes place at the MDT Hope for Zurich in Switzerland. Here the participants are prepared to be witnesses for Christ; the training ground is a suburb of the City of Zürich. Jana was teaching the German language to an immigrant from Egypt. Let’s call her Dahab*. Dahab loved to learn German with Jana, because her Method was based on conversation.

Jana and Dahab talked with each other, told stories. “I was in the process of seeking a new job, a teaching position in a primary school. I applied at several places and got turned down everywhere”, recounted Jana. This became part of the two women’s conversation and Dahab took a real interest. She really got involved in Jana’s search and disappointments. She even scolded Jana for teaching German instead of more actively seeking employment. Dahab really wanted Jana to get a job so she could stay in Zurich and continue teaching.

“Then the perfect opportunity arrived. The school seeking a teacher was built on biblical principles and it seemed a perfect fit for me”, continued Jana. She applied – and waited… Dahab fretted alongside. By chance she met two other women from the MDT at a supermarket. She told them: “I really want Jana to get this ‘perfect’ job. But what can we do?” The women suggested they could pray. Dahab agreed to do so. As soon as she arrived home, the Muslim Dahab prayed.

Jana was subsequently selected to teach a trial lesson at this school. She impressed the selection committee and soon received a note of acceptance.

“I needed to tell Dahab and wrote her the short message ‘God heard our prayer!’”

Dahab answered: “You are a good person! God will do good to you! May He bless you!”

Jana marvelled how far she had come with Dahab. “I learned a lesson”, she said. “It’s not strategies and tools that reach people, it is sharing my life with them, which does it.”

*Name changed