Short-term missions can be a terrifying undertaking, especially if it’s your first trip. Here at OM Hungary, we want to come alongside you in this process every step of the way, which is why we took some time and talked to some of our short-term volunteers, asking them to give a little advice and insight to anyone considering or even headed into their first missions trip!

As always, our volunteers were amazing and gave plenty of meaningful advice, sure to encourage you along this journey. Check out it out below!

Liza (Mezotur English Camp)
“If you’re nervous, you can just ask God for help. It did help.”

Bernie (Balatonlelle English Camp)
“Don’t let money concerns hold you back. Like really, if it’s on your heart to serve, if God’s really put it on your heart and you have time and you have skills and really like a heart for it, God will provide, like amazingly. I will say, don’t think you’re gonna figure out everything ahead, ‘I’m gonna do this’ and ‘I’m gonna do that.’ Leave an open space. Be somewhat prepared, that’s basic, but leave a part for God to surprise you. Every mission is different, and you always learn more than you expected when you applied.”

Johnny (Mezotur English Camp)
“It’s a great opportunity to test yourself and ways in which you are not as comfortable and want to grow in. I’ve recently been kind of challenged to let God use me in the place he put me and called me, rather than just thinking I’m called to do this one thing and that’s what I’m gonna do in my life. I’ll do a lot of things over my life, but it’s about allowing God to use me in each one...So, it’s an amazing chance to use a story that God has given you to bless and encourage other kids and young men.”

Sarah (Mezotur English Camp)
“I think, just be confident in what you’re doing. Be confident in the God that you know and be confident in what you’re teaching and what you’re sharing. Because that’s all you need. Even though language is a bit of an issue sometimes, as long as you’re confident in your English, it’s fine and it works out.”

Nathan (Balatonlelle English Camp)
“Obviously pray about it. Give it to God and ask him where would my talents do well. Maybe there’s certain groups maybe you aren’t as well suited for. I wouldn’t be very well suited at a football camp, for example. So, pray about it. Look at what are my actual skills and what specifically or which camps or whatever tie in with that what am I passionate about. What specifically do I have to give and then pick out what ties in with that well.”

We hope these encouraged you just as much as they encouraged us! If you’ve been on a short-term mission’s trip before and have advice you’d liked to share, contact our team! We’d love to hear from you!

If you are ready to take the next step and sign-up for a trip, let us know. We’d love to help you through the process.