Baja: A Success!

Hong Kong. Australia. Singapore. Canada. England. The United States.

What do all these places have in common? Each location was represented on the camp Baja team, a diverse group of individuals who travelled from every corner of the world with one main goal; bringing the Gospel to Hungary. This year, the annual English camp held in Baja, Hungary was blessed to receive seven enthusiastic helpers, ready to use their unique gifts and skills to serve the Lord and the mission in Baja.

The team gathered together at the OM base in Érd, Hungary in late June for a few days of training and preparations. After finalizing workshops, games, and other teaching materials, they were ready to hit the road. Traveling just a few hours south, the Baja team arrived on a Sunday afternoon, with just enough time to settle into their host homes before hitting the ground running.

Throughout the week, each team member had the opportunity to either lead or assist in the various groups. With a focus on conversational English, the camp relied heavily on hands-on activites, encouraging the Hungarian children to practice their English skills. Whether it was dancing and singing along to Casting Crowns or telling each other stories from the week, the camp attendees were presented with numerous ways to perfect their speaking abilities.

Chase, a volunteer from Australia, shared her favourite memory from the week, depicting the joy that comes from working with children. “So, I was teaching the 6 and 7 year olds and I had two little boys and we had memory verses every day to memorize and every time Istvan [OM Hungary Team member] would say someone come to the front to say the memory verse, the two boys from my class would always run and just say them like that! So, that was really great! We would practice it in class and they would be like shouting it and everyone would hear it and that’s all you could hear, them!”

Not every short-term volunteer gets to see the fruits of their work, but the opportunity arises, it’s always a beautiful moment. Natasha’s story is no exception. When thinking back over the week, one memory immediately stood out to out to Natasha. She shared, “Yesterday at the closing program, one of the girls said what her favourite thing about the camp was and I didn’t know the impact that I had, but she said because I was able to understand what Natasha’s was saying without anyone else’s help…when I heard my name, I was just like “Oh! I had an impact!

The OM Hungary team is always grateful to receive joyful, helping hands during the busy summer season. If you’re interested in being a part of the meaningful work happening each summer, contact our team!