A Calling for All

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Notice, nowhere in that verse, one of the most well-known commandments of all time, does Jesus ever say, “only go if you’re ready” or “go once you’re older and married.” Rather, He calls each and every one of us to the greatest mission of all time; bringing the Gospel to all the nations. It’s not just a mission for older adults who have already lived their lives. It’s not just a mission for pastors and preachers called to full-time vocational ministry. It’s a mission for anyone who loves the Lord and wants to serve Him.

You see, God gives us each the exact set-up we need to follow His call. Whether that’s blessing us with unique skills that we can use as tools for sharing the Gospel or providing us with the funds required to set His plan into motion, God will not call us somewhere that He hasn’t perfectly prepared in advance.

Many of us may know this truth in our minds, but it’s difficult for us to accept in our hearts. Take a minute to read through some personal testimonies from OM volunteers, addressing some of the lies the enemy tells us when it comes to missions.

I’m not qualified.
“…Pray about it. Give it to God and ask him where would my talents do well. Maybe there’s certain groups maybe you aren’t as well suited for. I wouldn’t be very well suited at a football camp, for example. So, pray about it. Look at what are my actual skills and what specifically or which camps or whatever tie in with that what am I passionate about. What specifically do I have to give and then pick out what ties in with that well.” Nathan, Scotland.

But, what about the money?
“Don’t let money concerns hold you back. Like really, if it’s on your heart to serve, if God’s really put it on your heart and you have time and you have skills and really like a heart for it, God will provide, like amazingly. I will say, don’t think you’re gonna figure out everything ahead, ‘I’m gonna do this’ and ‘I’m gonna do that.’ Leave an open space. Be somewhat prepared, that’s basic, but leave a part for God to surprise you. Every mission is different, and you always learn more than you expected when you applied.” – Bernie, France.

Can’t I just pay to send someone else?
I’ve always had some reservations about short term missions, but the reputation of OM is super longstanding. I have had reservations about maybe the way it’s done and stuff and whether it’s actually financially worth it for me to go instead of sending someone else or just enabling somebody who’s already there, long term….I think knowing that it’s working with local churches and it’s not intended to be, um, totally sustained by outside groups coming in. That they really want to enable the local church to live, as like a vibrant and exciting place for Christ where they are, to the people that they know…I didn’t want to go somewhere and build a school that has to be rebuilt at night by people who actually know how to build. Like I’d rather just send the money and get something built. So, if it was something that is specific to my giftings as a linguist, it makes sense to teach some English.” Becca, England.

I’m nervous it won’t go well.
I asked the Lord to help me to use my gifts and to just anoint me and to just allow me to minister to the children and whatever, just being an open vessel and being available to him and the holy spirit to just move through me and do whatever he wants me to do.” Natasha, Canada.  

We all have our fears. We all have our nerves. We all have our concerns.

It’s what makes us human.

It’s vital, though, that we don’t let these issues get in the way of our clear calling from Christ. If you have more questions about what short-term missions would look like for you, contact our team. We’d love to talk.