Do It with a Smile

Throughout the Bible, time and time again, God clearly emphasises the importance of a cheerful attitudes. Whether it’s giving, serving, or anything else He asks of us, it’s God’s call on our lives to let joy fill our hearts.

Chaise, an OM Hungary short-term volunteer, takes this to the next level. With her contagious smile and joyous laugh, Chaise brings to life what it truly means to serve the Lord with joy. This living ray of sunshine’s story is yet another beautiful picture of the Lord chasing after His beloved.

Growing up, Chaise always had an interest in religion, but because of her desire to fit in with those around her, she never truly pursued that desire. At age 20, after years of seeds being planted and watered in her life, Chaise finally felt a push from God to come home. After googling to find a church around her, she attended and felt the undeniable call from the Lord to give her life to Him. It was there she met her faithful youth pastor, who continues to encourage her each and every day to go out of her comfort zone while serving the Lord, including global missions.

This summer, Chaise joined a team of six others to teach children at Baja English camp in Hungary. Chaise is currently studying to be a primary education teacher, so spending a week teaching English to children seemed like the perfect fit. Chaise exclaimed, “I’m just excited doing new stuff. So, I went on camp with my church last week and I prayed for someone out loud, for the first time ever! So yeah, I’m just waiting for God to do what He’s gonna do. I’m with the perfect age group because it’s the age group I’m looking at doing when I graduate from school so I’m like this isn’t a coincidence, this is where I’m meant to be!

Sometimes, the tasks we’re assigned can be difficult or frustrating and it can be hard to positive. It’s in those times that we can find our strength and joy from the Lord. Like Nehemiah 8:10 says, “For the joy of The Lord is your strength.”

Despite the language barrier, Chaise excitedly prepared for a week full of crafts, games, conversations, but most importantly telling the story of Jesus. Nothing could stop this energetic volunteer from bringing the Gospel to the kids of Hungary.

When asked if she could describe her emotions about the week in one word, Chaise eagerly exclaimed, “Enthusiastic!” What an encouraging testimony to the excitement and joy that freedom in Christ brings.

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