A Family Mission

Encouraging multi-generational missions is a vital part of Operation Mobilisation, especially here in Hungary. We value volunteers of all ages because no matter when you were born, God’s call is clear; bring the Gospel to all nations.

It was with this passion on our hearts that we were excited to welcome Brad and his eleven-year-old son, Cam, to our summer English camp ministry in Balatonlelle.

These Australian natives first found out about the OM Hungary trip from the OM Australia base. Brad shared that at first, he was intending to travel to Nepal with OM, but after God shut that door, he opened another (OM Hungary), even providing an opportunity that Cam could be a part of as well.

I want to build an opportunity for Cameron to have something passed on from my generation to his generation, to empower him to do good for God wherever he goes,” Brad shared. “This is about not just giving me an opportunity to preach the Gospel but giving Cameron the opportunity to see what goes on in a ministry outside of the Australia point of view.”

Before heading out to Balatonlelle camp, the father and son talked about how excited Cam was not only to “get a break from my younger siblings [laughs],” but also to interact with the kids through sports. Brad shared, “For me, it’s the culture change, its speaking about Jesus, but in another context, cause you gotta be careful how you introduce things because you have to make sure it’s the right context coming across and not just ‘Anglo-Saxon-ing’ it since that naturally comes out of you. You have to think differently when you’re speaking about Jesus. So, I’m excited for this cross-cultural look when it comes to sharing the Gospel.

During the week, Brad and Cam worked with their team of four other OM volunteers, teaching English through Bible stories, song, dance, games, and more. It was a fantastic week of learning and growth for both the campers and the volunteers.

After it ended, Brad reflected on the week, sharing that he enjoyed the conversations with the kids, especially being able to communicate on a deeper level with the older kids

Cam shared that his favourite part was playing the games!

It’s so exciting for us when parents start teaching children the value of missions at a young age. We encourage you to start telling your kids stories of missions and global ministries even as children, so they grow up with not just an understanding, but a love for the church worldwide. And, of course, any and all families are welcome to help serve here in Hungary. Reach out to our team for more information