First Time? No Problem.

A China native studying in England, Liza is no stranger to stepping out of her comfort zone. While studying management at University of Leeds, Liza began attending a church with a thriving student ministry, where she met other students excited about serving God. It was at this church that she was encouraged to take yet another step of faith (aside from moving across the world to study) and go on her first mission's trip ever.

Liza didn’t let lack of knowledge or experience stop her, rather she leaned into it. She laughed and shared, “I think they [other team members] are quite experienced. It’s my first time going to a mission, so I’m quite excited.” Liza took this opportunity to not just learn new things, but lean into God’s call on our life, spreading the Gospel to every end of the earth.

Before the trip, Liza shared she was most excited to learn more about what it takes to teach young children about the Bible and just learn from other experienced team members.

After returning from a week of teaching English to kids in Mezotur, Liza was beaming with excitement at all she experienced. She shared, “This week I had wonderful time with a lot of children. It’s my first mission's trip and also, it’s my first time to lead a Bible study. Also, it’s my first time to share my testimony in public. During the camp, I also heard other testimonies from the children and it really influenced me a lot.

Not only did Liza learn about teaching English, but she also was able to dive deeper into her own faith, challenging herself in ways she had never been challenged before. From sharing her testimony publicly to leading a Bible story, this week taught Liza just as much as it taught the kids (if not more)!

When asked to give advice to first time mission goers, Liza perfectly summed it up saying, “If you’re nervous, you can just ask God for help. It did help.”

How simple, yet true? If you’re nervous, ask God; the Author and Maker, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. The One who created the stars not only knows your name, but cares about your worries and fears. If you bring them to Him, you’ll feel that peace that transcends all understanding that guided Liza through her exciting journey.

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