Five Countries, One Purpose

Mid-July was a busy one for the OM Hungary team as they welcomed six volunteers from five different countries, eager to volunteer their time and talents at the Balatonlelle English Camp.

Comprised of individuals from France, Australia, Scotland, England, and the United States, this team was as diverse as they come, but united with one goal in mind; bringing the Gospel to the youth of Hungary.

Once arrived and settled in, the team spends first day of mission in training and preparing for the week ahead. After hearing a little more about the history OM International as well as OM Hungary, volunteers spend an entire day preparing lessons, PowerPoints, games, activities, and challenges for children attending the English camps.

During this time, we had the opportunity to talk to some of the eager volunteers, hearing a little more about the excitement, nerves, advice, and just general feelings about the week.

Bernie, a volunteer from France, shared she was most excited “to see how they’ll respond to languages and to knowing God.”  It’s a beautiful thing to see the spark in someone’s eye when you know they understood your lesson and we love working with volunteers who understand that joy!

Mike, a volunteer from the United States, shared that his favourite part was getting to know the host home families and spending time with them. While working at the camps, the OM volunteers are housed with families from the local church. This arrangement gives the short-term missionaries time to get to the culture and people of Hungary better. It’s a beautiful time of unity and bonding across cultures.

Although short-term mission opportunities are exciting, they can also be a bit scary, especially for a first timer.

Nathan, a volunteer from Scotland, shared that even though he had his nerves about how certain aspects would go, he didn’t let those nerves overtake him. Instead, he focused on the excitement of meeting the kids and teaching them about Jesus!

The camp ran smoothly, with lots of smiles and laughter from the youth to prove it. The team shared that by the end of the week, many of the campers were able to recite the Bible verses in English without help from the volunteers, which was truly a rewarding site to see.

We’re so grateful for eager, enthusiastic individuals like the Balatonlelle camp volunteers who make these ministries possible. If you’re interested in joining the English camp ministry here in Hungary, contact our team!