The Future Leaders are Now

1 Timothy 4:12 reads, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

Five brave and bold students from Leeds, England brought this verse to life this last week as they set an example for young people around the world, proving that age doesn’t define one’s ability to lead by example and serve the Lord.

Completely student initiated and led, this team arrived in Hungary with joyful hearts, eager to use the best years of their lives to serve the Lord.

Led by the fearless initiator, Laura, the team of young adults just completed their third missions trip with OM Hungary. How did this beautiful partnership begin? Laura shares, “A while back, I made a list of all the Christians I knew in Europe. I reached out to them saying ‘Hey do you know anyone that if I came with a team that would be helpful for?’ My friend linked us up with Ilona [OM Hungary Team member] and yeah, this is now our third year coming back so that’s pretty exciting.”

In 2018, the Leeds team traveled to Mezotur, an English camp, a short train ride away from the OM Hungary offices in Èrd. This year the team was excited to travel back to the same area and conduct not just morning but also afternoon English classes for the children. Before leaving for the week, team member Sarah, who was a part of the 2018 group as well, shared, “I’m really excited for the days to be a bit longer. Last year, we built up really great relationships with the kids and had a great time, but we left them after lunch. I’m really excited to spend more time with them and do more things with them.”

Throughout the week, the group led games, projects, and programs, all revolving around parables of Jesus. It was through these activities that they were able to not just teach English, but share the Good News of Christ.

Laura joyously shared, “So, one of my highlights of this trip was doing a workshop on how to share your testimony, for both your friends, but also a public setting. And then working through to the people there how they could share their testimony and go through opening and how Jesus made a difference in their lives and prep someone to share their testimony from the front of the stage.  They just did an amazing job and it’s really cool to have seen everyone grow in this last year.

Liza, a first-time short-term missions OMer shared, “This week I had wonderful time with a lot of children. It’s my first missions trip and also, it’s my first time to lead a Bible study. Also, it’s my first time to share my testimony in public. During the camp, I also heard other testimonies from the children and it really influenced me a lot.

That’s the true beauty in missions. It doesn’t just impact the locals and community, but also those who stepped out of their comfort zone to travel where the Lord called them.

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