From Baja to Mezotur and everywhere between, OM Hungary was pleased to send four groups of eager, enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world, ready to not just teach English, but share the Gospel with kids of all ages.

The days leading up to mobilising these teams are always busy. From lesson practice to game prep to buzzing around the kitchen cooking meals, the OM office is always full of smiling faces and happy hearts.

Before sending out the teams, we had a chance to chat with each member and hear more about their hearts for missions. One question we always love to ask is, “what are you most excited for?” It’s a pleasure to hear all the positive responses and we wanted to share them with you.

So, if you’re considering joining OM Hungary for a trip next summer or just want to learn more about short-term missions, here’s what you can get excited about.

Nathan (Scotland): “I’m looking forward to actually studying the Bible passages with the kids because the young boys might think it’s cool after seeing someone closer to their age like take these things seriously.”

Bernie (France): “To see how they’ll respond to languages and to knowing God. It’s like that spark in their eyes and how they open up and how they’ll discover who God is. That’s always something nice to see.”

Mike (United States):I really enjoy working with the kids. I like to have a lot of fun with them. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy having English presented, rather than in a classroom situation. Many times, it’s more formal, this way it’s more fun. We do a lot of games and activities and we just practice English.”

Chase (Australia):I’m just excited doing new stuff…So yeah, I’m just waiting for God to do what He’s gonna do. I’m with the perfect age group because it’s the age group I’m looking at doing when I graduate from school so I’m like this isn’t a coincidence, this is where I’m meant to be.”

Liza (China):I think, um I don’t know too much about the Bible or how to teach young children, so I think I can learn a lot from other people.”

Sarah (England):I’m really excited for the days to be a bit longer. Last year, we built up really great relationships with the kids and had a great time, but we left them after lunch. I’m really excited to spend more time with them and do more things with them.”

Laura (England):I’m looking forward to going back to the same group of people. We’ve just seen the list of the kids and people who’ve signed up and there is quite a lot of names we recognize from last year so we’re really excited to see them and see and encourage them in how they’ve grown. So, yeah, just an opportunity to go and empower the locals there to be investing in the youth and be able to go and like share the skills we have between us and learn a lot from them as well.”

As you can see, there’s plenty to be excited about. Whether you’re a first-time short-term volunteer or this is your 10th trip around the globe, we would be so excited if you chose to work here in Hungary. If you’re interested or want to learn more, talk to our team today!