Intentional Missions

With globally focused parents and a love for cultures, it wasn’t hard for Becca to transition into a mission focused life of her own.

As a young girl, Becca recalls her parents always treating their home as their mission field. She shared, “My parents always intended to become overseas missionaries, but all the doors shut for them when I was 2 or 3. And, um, then they just decided, “Great! We’ll be missionaries in the UK!’ Have normal jobs, but always be super involved in what’s going on locally. So, I’ve had a really good model of the missionary lifestyle.”

It was with that strong Christian influence that Becca headed into her young adult life, ready to give her best years to the Lord. While in university, Becca studied French and Arabic. These linguist skills would prove to become very handy in her future mission’s experience.

This past year, Becca interned at her church, specifically focusing on student ministry. It was at this church and through this job that Becca was connected with Laura, who then led her to OM Hungary.

Becca remembers, “Pretty much, she told me I should come last year and I didn’t have a good reason not to and then I came [laughs]!

Although Becca was excited to join the team, she did have her concerns. “I’ve always had some reservations about short term missions,” Becca shared, “but the reputation of OM is super longstanding and yeah, I really respect what OM is.’

‘When we [Laura and I] talked about it, she explained why it was not an irresponsible way to do short term mission. Sometimes I have reservations about maybe the way it’s done and stuff and whether it’s actually financially worth it for me to go instead of sending someone else or just enabling somebody who’s already there, long term. So, yeah, we talked about it and I decided it was actually a really, really beneficial way for other people to do it and it would also be fun for me, but it would be worth it.

What was it that made OM different for Becca and reassured her that it would be a beneficial short-term experience? Becca explained, “I think knowing that it’s working with local churches and it’s not intended to be, um, totally sustained by outside groups coming in. That they really want to enable the local church to live, as like a vibrant and exciting place for Christ where they are, to the people that they know.

This year, at English camp, Becca was truly able to see the fruits of not just her ministry but of the ministry there in Mezotur. She excitedly shared, “It’s just been incredible to see how they’ve grown since last year. Some of them have really matured, we were able to do leadership training and um, I’ve really been able to explain to some of them, some for the first time, that they’re made in the image of God and what that means and it, yeah, I’m really excited to see where all the goes in the future, these seeds we’re planting for the future church of Hungary.

OM’s aim is to be encouragers and enablers, not overriding what’s being done in communities, rather helping those missions to grow and flourish. We are so grateful for intentional leaders, like Becca, who come with servant hearts, ready to assist the local churches and missions in any way they can.

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes short term missions with OM different and how you can get involved, read more here.