Letting God Take the Lead

The Lord always lines up our life experiences to perfectly prepare us for His ministries, and Natasha’s story is no exception. 

Natasha grew up in Catholic household, but when she was a young adult, her mum became a Christian, encouraging Natasha to join her at church. Although Natasha went along, it wasn’t until the Lord stripped away her old life style that she was able to truly surrender to His will for her life, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Born and raised in Canada, Natasha currently lives in Toronto, where she is heavily involved in Muslim ministry. Natasha shared that before her first trip to Israel in 2009, she held grudges against Muslim community. But, after that trip, the Lord softened her heart and opened her mind. After a series of events, Natasha moved into an apartment in the largest Muslim neighborhood in Toronto. It was there that she became involved in teaching children at after school programs and teaching English to Arab speaking adults.

Natasha shared, “Around 2011/2012 I became more exposed to Christian persecution in Muslim countries and the Lord just put on my heart the desire to see Muslims saved. So, from living among them, I figured let me go to their land to see and get to know their culture so that I can bring back what I’ve learned abroad and use it. And so, with my going there and interacting with the locals and learning more about Islam and just experience the culture that has helped me interact with Muslims in Toronto. So, the Lord has really prepared me for Toronto ministry by taking me abroad. By going to their own land to see what they’re about.”

Natasha’s global experiences allowed her to better to relate to her next-door neighbor, but her ministry doesn’t end there. With a love for the arts and a heart for the creative side of ministry, Natasha was thrilled to learn about OM and the creative arts ministries offered. She got involved in short term missions with OM in 2014, focusing dominantly on the middle east.

This summer, though, Natasha joined six others from around the world to teach English at Baja camp in Hungary. Why the change from the middle east to eastern Europe? Natasha shared, “I think a lot and I see things and sometimes God (I’m not a puppet), but sometimes He takes us somewhere, but we don’t know why you just be obedient to whatever you’re feeling and um, Hungary, well I don’t know, it was just on my heart.”

The Lord clearly used Natasha’s ministries at home to prepare her for her work in Hungary.

In Toronto, I was a part of an after-school program where we would go into schools and teach children Bible stories,” continued Natasha. “So, my experience with that kind of helped prepare me for this because I was doing this in Toronto, but not from a teach English perspective. But, I also teach English to adults, mainly Muslims, Arab speakers, so it’s kind of like a combination of the two…when I saw the trip on the website, the cost was reasonable, I liked the “teaching, kids, English.” Okay, so I’ve done it all just not like that, so that’s pretty much like yeah why I decided to come to Hungary

Whether it’s while abroad or right in her backyard, Natasha is always careful to be aware of what the Spirit is telling her and letting the Lord take her on His crazy, beautiful journeys of serving Him. Using each experience as preparation for the next, she perfectly exemplifies what it means to let God lead. It takes a bold, courageous soul to just step out in faith and go where the Lord leads, and that’s exactly who Natasha is.

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