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Missions in the Book of Acts

Welcome to watch Small Bites from the Bible! These teachings concentrate on Missions in the Book of Acts. 

The writer of the Acts was doctor Luke, one of the closest coworkers of apostole Paul.  The same man wrote also another book in the Bible. In  the Gospel of Luke he wrote what Jesus of Nasareth did, how He suffered, how He died and how He rose from the dead. He wrote about the Good News, that Jesus died for our sins - that we can be forgiven in front of God because of Jesus. 
Now in this book number 2 Luke wrote how the Good News spread from Jerusalem to all over the world. The Acts is a history record. It´s a book of information. It´s a book about Missions. It´s a book about Holy Spirit doing the impossible.
The Acts is a very practical story about the Spirit of God, who uses the most unbelievable people, conquers the most enormous difficulties, uses the most unexpected methods and achieves the most remarkable results! 


The teacher is Jarmo Sormunen. He is a Finnish pastor retired, working with OM in Hungary. 
These teachings are translated simultaneously in Hungarian language by Riffer Zsuzsy.

Part 1: You need Power!

Part 2: From Here to There!

Part 3: Power to speak

Part 4: Babylon Reversed